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For art lovers

Stop missing great exhibits

The best exhibits sourced by art lovers like you! Muzing is an open platform empowering everyone to contribute museum exhibits happening around them.

Better with an art buddy

Connect with Muzers interested in going to the same exhibits. Simply indicate your interest in the shows around you and see who else wants to go.

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Discover and add exhibits happening around you

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Find art lovers interested in the same shows

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Connect and share your next visit

For institutions

Bring people together

Make sure target audiences know about your temporary and permanent exhibits

Give people something to connect around, and share their visit together

Know what audiences want

Gain unparalleled insights into audience motivations and tastes

Optimize content for audiences that care as much about who they're with as what they see

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Our mission

Our mission is to make the arts an accessible and social experience for all.

At Muzing we celebrate human creativity through connectivity. We believe that shared interests create connection, and that art institutions are productive members of our communities that bring people together and tell stories that inspire our creativity.

Timothy Heckscher

Timothy Heckscher


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Fabien Brossier



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